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Market Watch
Investor Resources and Personal Finance
Institutions and Brokerage Companies
Mutual Funds
Futures and Commodities
Financial Publications
Organizations and Government
Research and Statistics
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Market Watch

QuoteCom Home Page
Quote.Com is a service providing financial market data to Internet users. This includes current quotes on stocks, options, commodity futures, mutual funds, and bonds. It also includes business news, market analysis and commentary, fundamental (balance sheet) data, and company profiles.
Security APL Quote Server.
Security APL Market Watch
This page is updated once every three minutes from 8:00am-6:00pm EST monday through friday. The quotes are 20 minute delayed. Provides intraday exchange reports for the S & P 500, NASDAQ, Canadian, and other exchanges.
Daily Stock Market Summary
This page gives recent volume, high, low, and closing price information for many stocks. part of a free value-added service provided as an experiment by Mark Torrance at the M.I.T. Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.
The American Stock Exchange
Serving financial markets worldwide, the AMEX -- the world's second largest auction-marketplace -- offers superior efficiency and fairness to investors via state-of-the-art trading technology and dedicated stock specialists.
Standardand Poors 500 Index
Security APL - S&P 500 Index Current Day.
The Chicago Board Options Exchange
Market statistics, news releases, new option listings, research bulletins, background information about the exchange and employment opportunities. Understanding Options Basic introduction to options, FAQ (frequently asked questions), recommended reading list and a glossary of options-related terms.
U.S. Gov't Securities
Provides for; U.S. Treasury Notes and Bonds, U.S. T-Bills, C.D.'s, Commercial Paper and Federal Funds.
Bank-CD Rate Scanner
Instant Access To Over 2,200 Banks In The USA. Highest Rates On FDIC-Insured CDs Since 1987
Currency Exchanges
FEDERAL RESERVE BANK OF NEW YORK FOREIGN EXCHANGE RATES Spot exchange rates are mid-points of buying rates and selling rates, and do not necessarily reflect rates at which actual transactions have occurred.
Colombo Stock Exchange
Colombo Stock Market Statistics, Stock Prices, Exchange Rates, The Market, Market Trends, The International Front, provided with the assistance of NDBS Stock Brokers Ltd.
QuickQuote Life Insurance & Annuities
Welcome to QuickQuote, your guide to America's best life insurance and annuity rates. QuickQuote compares hundreds of America's top life insurance companies and annuity companies and gives you free instant quotes of the five best rates in America.

Investor Resources and Personal Finance

Security APL (PAWWS)
PAWWS Financial Network is a comprehensive internet investment resource featuring integrated portfolio accounting, securities and market research tools, real-time quotations, and on-line trading. Security APL offers portfolio management systems and service.
Internet Resource for Individual Investors by GALTTechnologies, Inc. is free of charge.
MarketInfo Financial Advisory Services
MarketInfo provides information on how to access to up-to-the-minute investment information from some of the World's top financial analysts with over 55 updates per day!
The Stock Room is a currently a publicly available WWW site that provides a graphical summary of free financial data available on the web.
Individual investors can retrieve news releases and earnings reports on hundreds of companies with "Company News On-Call." "Money Talks" features weekly commentaries by veteran financial journalists Robert Metz and Nancy Dunnan. "Related Industry Links" is the fast track to dozens of other Web sites.
Investment Research - Stocks, Commodities, Technical Analysis
We hope to provide individual investors with actionable investment information about stocks, commodities, technical analysis, and profitable investing.
GNN Personal Finance Center
The Personal Finance Center (PFC) is a Net-based forum for personal money management issues. Within the PFC, visitors will find original articles, columns, Q&A's with personal finance experts, and scores of links to personal finance and investment resources on the Net.
Company Information, Private Equity Investing, Investment Newsletters, Beginning Investors Page.
Investment News Online
Newsletters, Managed Money, Futures Magazine, Global Exchange News, Futures Industry News, Charts & Data, Library, and Lind-Waldock.
LawTalk, Business Law and Personal Finance
LawTalk is an audio service provided by Indiana University. Each segment deals with some aspect of Business Law and Personal Finance and is authored by a faculty member from either the IU School of Law in Bloomington or the IU School of Law in Indianapolis. All files are in the standard .au format and are approximately .5 MB in size unless otherwise noted.
FinanCenter provides free personal finance calculation programs, current interest rate quotes, advisory reports, and convenient access to professionals and their services.
Richard Greenwood on Personal Finance
Practical information on personal finance.
Security APL Market Watch
This page is updated once every three minutes from 8:00am-6:00pm EST monday through friday. The quotes are 20 minute delayed.
DJMMD: Dow Jones & Co. Multimedia Division Home Page
DJIN site provides schedules, scripts and audio clips of interviews.

Institutions and Brokerage Companies

Provident Bank CD Server
Provident Bank Certificate of Deposit server offers certificates with maturities ranging from 32 days to 5 years at competitive rates and deposits are insured to $100,000 by the FDIC. You can open a CD simply by completing the on-line application.
Bank.Net, for bank and finance investment resources.
Schwab Online
Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
Prudential Securities' Virtual Branch Office
Prudential Securities Virtual Office providing information on investment personalities, today's market, various investments. Also provides you with information about Prudential Securities services and products and how to find a financial advisor in your area.
Montgomery Securities
Montgomery Securities is a San Francisco-based investment bank, institutional brokerage and asset management firm.
Investment Brokerages Guide
This guide summarizes the commissions and services of investment brokerages. It also includes contact information such as address, phone numbers, hyperlinks, and email address.
Home Life Financial Assurance Corporation
Home Life Financial Assurance Corporation's web site provides Broker News and Information, Business Owner Information, Covered Employee Information, Products and Services, Health Care Provider Networks.


Security APL Quote Server, Portfolio Challenge, Financial Library.
Investment Research - Stocks, Commodities, Technical Analysis
We hope to provide individual investors with actionable investment information about stocks, commodities, technical analysis, and profitable investing.
StockResearch Group Financial World
Stock and investment information about high growth stocks on the NASDAQ, VSE, and Alberta exchanges.
** Welcome to the Stock Room **
The Stock Room is a currently a publicly available WWW site that provides a graphical summary of free financial data available on the web.
Experimental Stock Market Charts
Charts of recent price and volume performance. These charts are updated daily to reflect the most recent closing information available. Data is currently available on 392 stocks. The charts available below are part of a free value-added service provided as an experiment by Mark Torrance at the M.I.T. Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.
Experimental Stock Market Data
This page provides recent stock market information, including previous day's closing prices and one-year graphs of historical prices. It is updated automatically, usually between 7:00 p.m. EDT and 9:00 p.m. EDT, from an email source in California to reflect the current day's closing information. It consists of general market news and quotes for selected stocks. Not all stocks are included here; see here for the ticker symbols of the included stocks. Free value-added service provided as an experiment by Mark Torrance at the M.I.T. Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.

Mutual Funds

Toll Free Numbers for Mutual Fund Companies
Many, if not all mutual fund company 800 numbers.
Mutual Funds Co. List
This is a list of mutual fund companies, their telephone numbers, and their Web sites (if any).
100% No-Load Mutual Guide
1993 Investment Guide Table of Contents by 100% NO-LOAD MUTUAL FUND COUNCIL.
Internet Resource for Individual Investors by GALTTechnologies, Inc. is free of charge.
Fast EDGAR Mutual Funds Reporting
Prints Mutual Funds Activity Reports based on your time parameters.
Fidelity Investments Home Page
News, Funds, Brokerage, Workplace, Planning, Guide, and Contests by Fidelity Investments.
Morningstar Mutual Funds
Morningstar Internet Information Center. Info on Morningstar Mutual Funds, Mutual Funds OnDisc, and Mutual Funds OnFloppy, and the 5-Star Investor newsletter.
Dreyfus Homepage
Dreyfus Online Information Center you can get a clearer sense of the direction to take to match your investment dollars to your investment objectives. In addition to this general information on investing, the Dreyfus Online Information Center provides listings and descriptions of some of the mutual funds.
Welcome to Calvert
Since our founding in 1976, Calvert Group has been dedicated to providing intelligent, innovative asset management for mutual fund investors. We currently sponsor 29 funds and manage more than $4.9 billion in assets.
The Kaufmann Fund, Inc.
Information about the Kaufmann Fund.
Mutual Fund Marketing Manager
Fund Search gives you access to NETworth Fund Profiles database of over 5,000 mutual funds from Morningstar. NAV Quotes brings you end of the day net asset value pricing with over 1 yr. of historical data direct from NASDAQ.
The Internet Closed-End Fund Investor
How would you like to buy a mutual fund at a discount, often as much as 70 to 80 cents to the dollar? Closed-end funds (CEFs), a close relative of the mutual funds, are often available at such steep discounts. Though discounted, closed-end funds are anything but inferior.

Futures and Commodities

Huang Weekly Future Report
Gopher menu of Huang Weekly Future Report by Mr. Huang who specializes in economic-financial consulting, investment management, and corporate strategy.
ChicagoMercantile Exchange
The Merc, at 30 S. Wacker Drive in Chicago, is the world's largest financial exchange, an international marketplace enabling institutions and businesses to manage their financial risk and allocate their assets. Futures and options contracts traded on the CME's two state-of-the-art trading floors include currencies, interest rates, stock indices and agricultural commodities. futures.

Financial Publications

Wall Street Journal's Money and Investing Update
Source of financial news and analysis from The Wall Street Journal.
NASDAQ Financial Executive Journal
Financial Executive Journal is a joint project of the Legal Information Institute at Cornell Law School and The Nasdaq (SM) Stock Market. Last issue Summer, 1994 .
Wall Street News
Wall-Street-News (WSTN), the Internet Broadcasting Super-Station.
DTN Wall Street
DTN Wall Streeta quotes and news system service description of services none of which are on the Internet.
Mutual Funds Magazine ONLINE
Mutual Funds Magazine is published by The Institute for Econometric Research, and is not affiliated with any mutual fund or "family" of funds.
Money Magazine's Personal Finance Center
Company Reports, Money Reports, Best Loan Rates, articles, etc.
Nest Egg Magazine
Money Issues Online
Welcome to Money Issues OnLine. Money Issues is Canada's first regular financial planning magazine dedicated to helping Canadians take control of their financial futures in these uncertain times.
Research Institute of America
RIA, publisher of U.S. federal, state and local tax law information and analysis on CD-ROM. Throughout this site you will find the latest tax information (updated weekly), product previews and demos, the newest RIA releases and a listing of employment opportunities.
Envision Capital
Monthly "Marilyn's Morsels" newsletter, with brief weekly "tid-bits" and other interesting information about the bond market.
The Commerce Business Daily
CBD lists notices of proposed government procurement actions, contract awards, sales of government property, and other procurement information. A new edition of the CBD is issued every business day. Each edition contains approximately 500 - 1,000 notices. Each notice appears in the CBD only once.
Securities Industry Daily
Securities Industry Daily is the national newspaper of record for the securities processing industry.

Organizations and Government

SEC EDGAR Database
This site will allow you to retrieve any 1994 and 1995 filings to the Securities and Exchange Commission that are available to the public. Non-electronic filings, and filings made prior to 1994, will not be available here.
The American Finance Association
The Journal of Finance by the Journal of The American Finance Association. The American Finance Association (AFA) is the an academic organization devoted to the study and promotion of knowledge about financial economics.
The Federal Register
The Federal Register provides a uniform system for making available regulations and legal notices issued by Federal agencies. These include Presidential proclamations and Executive Orders and Federal agency documents having general applicability and legal effect, documents required to be published by act of Congress and other Federal agency documents of public interest.
American Risk and Insurance Assn
Information concerning the programs and services offered to members and friends of the American Risk and Insurance Association.
FinancialServices Technology Consortium
The Financial Services Technology Consortium (FSTC) is a consortium of financial services providers, national laboratories, universities, and government agencies who sponsor and participate in non-competitive collaborative research and development on interbank technical projects.
Thomas: Legislative information on the Internet
In the spirit of Thomas Jefferson, a service of the U.S. Congress through its Library. Includes Full Text of Legislation, Full text of all versions of House and Senate bills searchable by keyword(s) or by bill number, Full Text of the Congressional Record, Full text of the daily account of proceedings on the House and Senate Floors, Bill Summary and Status, Digests and legislative history of bills and amendments, bill/amendment number, sponsor/cosponsor, or committee/ subcommittee, Bill Summary and Status for the 104th Congress, Hot Legislation, The Constitution of the United States, House of Representatives Constituent E-Mail and U.S. Senate Constituent E-Mail, etc.

Research and Statistics

EDGAR 13D Acquisition Report
EDGAR 13D Acquisition Report
RR Donnelley SEC Reports
The RR Donnelley Library of SEC Materials.
National Income and Products Accounts
Gopher menu of Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) National Income and Wealth Division.
Monetary Statistics
Gopher menu of historical monetary rates, reports, statements, etc.
Industry Statistics
Gopher menu of Industry reports and forecasts.
Energy Statistics
This system contains all kinds of information about crude oil, petroleum and petroleum products and natural gas. It was developed by the Energy Information Administration's Office of Oil and Gas.
Employment Statistics
Gopher menu of Emplyment Data from United States Department of Labor Office of Employment and Unemployment Statistics.
The Tax Digest Page
The Tax Digest provides a centralized forum for current developments in taxes.
Research Resources in Finance
Links to Finance Research Centers, Research Journals, Research Papers Online, Data Software, Books in Financial Economics, Locating Finance Researchers, Upcoming Conferences and Events.

Investment Links

FILL-Financial Information Link Library
Financial Links world wide by John Russell. Organized by Country.
Stocks and Commodities
This page of informative links. Recommended as "One of the most comprehensive sets of information links" for investing by Investor's Business Daily.

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